Complete Fruit Fly Culture Kits

Complete Fruit Fly Culture Kits

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Complete Premium Fruit Fly Culture Kits
Reduce the cost of buying costly fruit fly cultures and make them yourself for as little as £1.25 per extra large culture.
Each kit will include all 32oz cups/fabric vented lids/excelsior/media mix needed for chosen amount of cultures - just add water!
We will send a pre-made culture of your chosen fly type to start your culture production. Please choose no flies needed option if you already have fruit flies and just want the kit.
Specially designed mix for high yield fruit fly cultures. Added vitamins and minerals to ensure cultured flies are boosted for an excellent food for your insect/reptiles.
Add 1/4 cup media mix then 1/2 cup water. (This is a self mixing media so no need to mix)
Add some excelsior wood wool above the mix. (Flies will lay eggs on this and provides dry area for them to move around)
Add around 100 fruit flies (Less will result in a poor yield. more will boost it)
Lid on the cup and put somewhere warm. (if not kept warm the culture will likely fail or have a small yield)
Culture will start to produce a constant supply of flies after approximately 7-14 days depending on type of fly/temp until all the mix is gone. (Incubation is faster the warmer the culture is)
A typical Fruit Fly culture will produce 1000-2000 Flies and usually supply for over a month!
Top tips
Ensure container allows for ventilation and keep in warm ventilated area 22-28c. 
If being kept in a dry location such as airing cupboard best to add a little extra water to ensure media does not dry out.
Mold is rare but can sometimes appear. Usually disappears once larvae start to mix up the media. Typically indicates culture is not warm enough and larvae production is slow.
Once a culture appears to have expired quickly dispose of as keeping old cultures can encourage mites to appear.

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