Bean Weevil Culture (3-4mm Beetle)
Bean Weevil Culture (3-4mm Beetle)

Bean Weevil Culture (3-4mm Beetle)

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32oz Extra Large Culture - Bean Weevil
3-4mm Beetles
Great protein source for Ants, Lizards, Spiders, Frogs, Praying Mantis etc
Supplied in extra large 32oz containers.
Our Bean Weevil media is also available for purchase, along with easy DIY Culture Kits so you can make your own cheap cultures at home

Culture Age Explained
Starter Culture = 20ml Test Tube Filled with some Beetles and Egg coated Beans (used to start your own cultures)
Fresh Culture = Freshly made (Will supply in around 2 weeks and last for 8 weeks)
Intermediate = Visible eggs on beans (Will supply for 6 weeks)
Mature = Fresh Beetles hatching (Will supply for 4 weeks)
Cultures produce 1000-1500 beetles during lifespan. Old cultures can be used to start new ones. Supplied in a reusable container. Just remove 50% of the old beans and replace with fresh beans. We stock these in our live food supplies section if needed.

No care needed! just keep your culture in a warm place away from direct sunlight. 20°C Minimum storage temp
Short video as example of beetles: