Wheat Weevil Culture (3mm Beetle)

Wheat Weevil Culture (3mm Beetle)

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32oz Extra Large Culture - Wheat Weevil
3mm Beetles
Great protein source for all small Ants/Lizards/Spiders/Frogs/Praying Mantis

DIY Culture Kits also available to make your own cheap cultures

Culture Age Explained
Starter Culture = 20ml Test Tube Filled with some Beetles and Egg coated Beans (used to start your own cultures)
Fresh Culture = Freshly made (Will supply in around 2 weeks and last for 8 weeks)
Intermediate = Visible eggs on beans (Will supply for 6 weeks)
Mature = Fresh Beetles hatching (Will supply for 4 weeks)
Cultures produce 1000-1500 beetles during lifespan. Old cultures can be used to start new ones. Supplied in a reusable container. Just remove 50% of the old beans and replace with fresh beans. We stock these in our live food supplies section if needed.

No care needed! just keep your culture in a warm place away from direct sunlight. 22+°C Minimum storage temp