Q: When should I start feeding my founding colony?

A: Depending on whether the queen is claustral or semi claustral is when you need to feed them. It is recommended to start off feeding tiny amounts to reduce leftover food which can cause mould problems. If the colony manages to entirely eat what you've given them then you will need to raise the amount of food being given.

Q: What should I feed my colony?

A: Each colony is different so if the things listed are not accepted then you may need to try others foods.

Protein: crickets, locusts, mealworms, waxworms, fruit flies, cockroaches, cooked chicken and protein jelly.

Sweets: sugar water, organic honey, maple syrup and fresh fruit.

Seeds: Dandelion, grass, niger, chopped nuts and bird seed.

Q: How do I make sugar water?

A: A good ratio is three parts water to one part sugar. For example; use three tablespoons of boiling water, one tablespoon of sugar and mix until the sugar has dissolved. Ensure the mixture does not become too viscous – this is usually if you have added too much sugar.

Q: When should I give my founding colony a nest?

A: Keeping a colony in the test tube for as long as possible is always recommended. Generally the best time to move a colony into a nest is when it becomes hard to feed them without workers escaping.

Q: How do I transfer my ants from the test tube to the nest?

A: We sell test tube adapters that you can connect onto your test tube and connect up to your nest using a piece of tubing.