WaKooshi Modular Ant Formica - How it works?

Here at WaKooshi we have been proud enthusiastic insect suppliers and breeders for 20 years. We have also been developing housing solutions for insect enthusiast for the last 10 years.
We were challenged by many of our customers to solve a much had problem within in the ant keeping hobby.
To create a complete, easy, expandable, cost effective way to house small colonies all the way until full colonies of 1000's.
Unfortunately most ant farms do not support the needs to keep an ever expanding colony happy, or the flexibility to supply the full needs of different ant species.
After much testing of acrylic layered farms we found too much light cause stress to ants. We solved this with our light blocking Module Lids. Made from red Plexiglas for superior colony observation. Most ants are blind to red light wavelengths but we can supply black lids if requested.
The other problems associated with a lot of other Ant Farms is mold and cleaning the farm once its running. Most don't allow individual access to the chambers for cleaning. All our modules do not use any sponges or such things that encourage the growth of mold. Each module has an easily removable clear Plexiglas lid which can be removed for easy access cleaning.
An excellent video by one of our customers to demonstrate how these systems work!
How it works?
A full range of individual modules that can all be connected to meet the exact needs of your colony, then expanded later when needed. Each module provides a solution that any ant keeper will come across. These can range from different requirements in humidity, separate areas for feeding, nesting or just areas to explore.
Humidity comes from our advanced water chamber system, so we do not suffer mold growth like units that rely on sponges or cotton wool. Our "Advanced" Modules use a refillable water chamber which feeds channels under the removable chamber area, this water then evaporates into the chamber via the small precision holes and keeps the unit humid.
This totally modular system means that the whole unit is endlessly expandable using our link system. Small parts called links are used to join modules together. These come in two forms, open links which join modules while allowing access between and closed links which can be used to close access to a module or just join modules.
Using our Tier Supports the modules can also expand vertically by supporting modules on top of each other. This allows for a skyscraper effect.
Access to upper and lower modules is provided by a clear tube kit called a Tier Connection Pack.
S6 Modules Measure 200mm x 160mm x 20mm
S5 Modules Measure 160mm x 120mm x 20mm
S4 Modules Measure 120mm x 120mm x 20mm
S3 Modules Measure 80mm x 80mm x 20mm
S2 Modules Measure 80mm x 40mm x 20mm
S1 Modules Measure 40mm x 40mm x 20mm
W x L x H
Entrances to each module are 12mm wide.
Tube size is 15mm OD x 12mm ID