Ant Keeper Magazine - Issue 6

Ant Keeper Magazine - Issue 6

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Issue 6

Our sixth issue is packed full of amazing articles, fabulous photography and more. We look into how the recent pandemic has affected not only the hobbyists and ant shops, but also the scientists who study ants, in our COVID-19 feature. Each issue also includes an article that focuses on current myrmecological investigations, and in this issue, we look at ants’ symbiotic relationships with other types of organisms. Entomologist Brian L. Fisher is a leading light in the world of ant science, and we chatted with him about his work in Madagascar. With all this and more, make sure you order your copy of Issue 6 of Ant Keeper Magazine today!


  • How has COVID-19 Affected Ant Keeping?
  • Ants and Their Allies: Cooperating with Other Species
  • Diapause: The When, the Why and the How to
  • An Interview with Entomologist Brian L. Fisher
  • How to Choose Which Species to Keep
  • Species Profile: Formica rufibarbis
  • Species Profile: Anoplolepis gracilipes
  • Ant Keepers Junior
  • Internet Roundup
  • Puzzles