Carebara Diversa
Carebara Diversa

Carebara Diversa

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Carebara Diversa
• Humidity requirements: 50-60%
• Temperature requirements: 20-27°C
• Hibernation: No
• Suggested housing: Wakooshi Ant Farm Modules, Acrylic, Ytong, Soil, Very adaptable
• Nutrition: Honeywater, insects (small fruit flies, houseflies and small crickets), ant seeds. nuts, fruits like grapes or apples
• Colony size: Can grow to 50,000 Workers!
• Queen size: 20-25 mm
• Worker size: 2-4 mm
• Major size: 11-15 mm
• Monogyne/polygyne: Polygyne (Can be multiple Queens per colony)
Carebara diversa is mainly known for having the biggest size differences between the minor and the major workers. They are high aggressive ants which attack everything within their territorium. Pheidologeton need a high amount of nutrition. During the drier season their diet persists up to 50% of small seeds.
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