Ant Keeper Magazine - Issue 2

Ant Keeper Magazine - Issue 2

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Issue 2

Ant Keeper Magazine is the world’s leading publication for ant lovers. This full-colour, quarterly magazine is packed full of well-researched, informative articles, interviews, products reviews, species profiles and scientific features designed to provide helpful and interesting information for all ant keepers, from absolute beginners to experts. Our articles are written by ant keepers and entomologists, offering reliable facts and stunning macro photography.

Issue 2 showcases leaf-cutting ants in both a feature article and species profile, while we also looked at how ants are kept in public displays and how computers can help us identify different species.


  • Leaf-cutting ant in nature, in captivity, in focus!
  • Ant keeping in science centres and museums
  • Taxonomy, ants and computers
  • Formica rufibarbis: a species in peril
  • An interview with an ant keeper
  • Species profile: Acromyrmex octospinosus
  • Species profile: Camponotus fulvopilosus
  • Product review: AntKit PS 4500 Arena
  • Product review: byFormica Liquid Feeder (Mini)
  • Internet roundup