Crystal Clear Escape Prevention Oil Coating

Crystal Clear Escape Prevention Oil Coating

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Which is the best barrier for me?

 Advantages Disadvantages
Crystal Clear Escape Prevention Oil

Crystal Clear Appearance

Long Lasting


Works with a wide range of Ants but less effective generally compared with PTFE or Fluon.

Some Ants can build up and stick dirt and debris which can reduce effectiveness.

Can run down walls over time. Only recommended for horizontal applications. 

Quick Dry PTFE Escape Prevention

Extremely effective against almost all types of ants and insects.

Dries in less than 30 secs.

Most recommended option for Plastic tubs / Glass

Strong white appearance.

Not recommended for use on acrylic as can cause small fractures if applied to laser cut edges. Can generally be used fine if applied 2cm away from any edges or lips.

Fluon Escape Prevention Coating

Extremely effective against almost all types of ants and insects. 

Light milky appearance Near clear and hard to see.

Dries in less than 30 secs.

Most recommended option for Acrylic

Suitable for use on all smooth surfaces.

Most expensive option

Smooth and proper application required

Ready to use! No mixing, measuring, or pre-diluting before use
Long Lasting clear oil based liquid commonly used by entomologists for containing insects within their enclosures. The substance is non-toxic and is 100% safe to use with ants and other insects. It really is the best stuff for the job!
Can run so best suited for horizontal applications such as lid rims and overhangs.
Using the supplied swab or cotton ball, spread a thin even coat all the way around the upper inner edges of your container or if possible the underside of the acrylic sheet bordering the lid. This area will become super slippery, making it very difficult for insects to pass over it without losing their grip and falling back down to the bottom. For maximum effectiveness, remove barrier and re-apply a fresh one every 3-6 months.
10/30/50/100ml may not seem like much, however, very little of the liquid needs to be applied per use. Meaning this small bottle will last a long time...if properly stored of course. Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight, make sure the lid is tightly screwed on, and shake the bottle once per month. This will prevent the liquid from becoming ineffective.