Pheidole Spathifera
Pheidole Spathifera

Pheidole Spathifera

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Pheidole Spathifera
• Humidity requirements: 50-60%
• Temperature requirements: 24-28°C
• Hibernation: No
• Suggested housing: Wakooshi Ant Farm Modules, Acrylic, Ytong, Soil, Very adaptable
• Nutrition: Honeywater, insects (small fruit flies, houseflies and small crickets)
• Colony size: ~3000
• Queen size: 5 mm
• Worker size: 2-3 mm
• Major size: 4-5 mm
• Monogyne/polygyne: Polygyne (Can be multiple Queens per colony)
These Pheidole inhabits the subtropical parts of China. Similar to Mediterranean species it's recommended to reduce the temperature for 2 - 3 month.They are specialist in escaping so you will need a good escape prevention.
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