Strumigenys Leptorhina
Strumigenys Leptorhina

Strumigenys Leptorhina

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Strumigenys Leptorhina
• Humidity requirements: 50-80%
• Temperature requirements: 22-26°C
• Hibernation: None
• Suggested housing: Wakooshi Ant Farm Modules, Acrylic, Ytong, Soil, Very adaptable
• Nutrition: Protein from insect sources such as fruit flies, small crickets, young nymph roaches
• Colony size: ~300
• Queen size: 2 mm
• Worker size: 1-2 mm
• Monogyne/polygyne: Monogyne (One Queens per colony)
Small species of Trap Jaw Ants, The genus shows similar behaviour like Odontomachus. With their mandibles they catch small flies and other small arthropods. The movement of their jaws is one of the fastest movements in the animal kingdom
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