Extra Large Acrylic/Gypsum Nest
Extra Large Acrylic/Gypsum Nest
Extra Large Acrylic/Gypsum Nest
Extra Large Acrylic/Gypsum Nest
Extra Large Acrylic/Gypsum Nest

Extra Large Acrylic/Gypsum Nest

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Extra Large Acrylic/Gypsum Nest

Nest Dimensions: 179mm x 169mm x 24mm

Moving on from our Generation 2 Modular Nests we have taken all our intense in-house research and development to produce the framework for Generation 3.

Generation 3 Features:

  • A new and improved smooth and clean design appearance.
  • Nests use 13mm tube connections to allow for easier and more secure connectivity. This also allows greater flexibly between brands or placement of nests. Optional connection adapters available to allow the connection of different size tubes if needed.
  • Gen 3 nests are micro species secure as standard.  
  • Our gypsum units include mesh safe hydration inbuilt into every gypsum block as standard. Ants cannot escape in the rare occasion they chew at the blocks
  • Secure screw fit locations resulting in our most escape proof designs. These nests are suitable for almost all micro species all the way up to very large species. 
  • Acrylic nest floors for a easy clean surface for ants.
  • Constant move nest zones resulting in no dry dead zone chamber locations, which ants might typically use for internal nest waste storage. 
  • OPTIONAL Improved design gypsum hydration blocks with more enclosed chambers to give ants a secure more comfortable feeling.
  • OPTIONAL Cork floor options for wood loving ant genus such as Camponotus and Crematogaster.
  • OPTIONAL Gypsum hydration blocks for both small and large ants. adapted chamber sizes and entrances allow the correct room and access for the ant size.
  • OPTIONAL High accuracy Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors inbuilt into some of the larger nest options.
  • Nests can be fully disassembled for easy clean and reuse.
  • Suitable for use with heat mats as standard. Heat cables can be used with Gen 3 Heat cable feet (purchased separately)
  • PLEASE NOTE that to reduce plastic waste we do not include a 13mm connection tube or pipette for hydration with every nest. If you are new the the wakooshi range we suggest the purchase of an Essentials Starter Kit which includes these as well as useful tools and accessories. 

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